Tipper: played for us on June 26th 2004 for more info see the Past Events page

Read an Article on Nubreaks.com about Tipper.

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Phoenecia / Soul Oddity:

Joshua Kay AKA Jeswa and Romulo Del Castillo AKA Takeshi Muto are proponents of the new skool electro sound - a fusion of Detroit Electro with Miami Bass Funk - They are looked at as defining a new movement in Braindance - They have been featured on the following record labels Ninjatune, Plug Research, Fuel,Contect Free Media, Belief Systems, Astralwerks, Warp, Interdimentional Transmissions, Ersatz Audio, Nature and Alien8, Beta Bodega or Some Computer Music and many more.They are also proprietors of the Schematic Music Company and put out some of the most mind-bending, consciousness-altering music in existence.

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/// 1• aka Matthew Kratz (1974 - )
/// 2• composer known for combining digital music, sound design and traditional instrumentation in pieces that cover a series of genres; often inspired by the urban landscape and lifestyle
/// 3• compositions have appeared on 12" vinyl and CD as well as being commissioned for film, television and dance performances.

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DJ Goldilox:

DJ Goldilox is the main proponent of the Crack House movement, in fact some would say if it was not for Goldilox, there would be no Crack House. Goldilox rocks and some would say Laird could kiss her ass.

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dj PUSH:
Ethan Jenkins (aka the dj PUSH) has been electrically charging dancefloors with his unique approach to bass-heavy funk served over futurism for more than fifteen years. When you hear the man in action, you can't help but think something special is going on. Mr. Jenkins blends the rhythmic, the soulful and the technological aspects of machine made music with the loving care of one who has been connected with the industry long before the term Rave existed. Dance music is an everyday constant for Ethan Jenkins. For him, music is a mission.

dj PUSH is also the man behind San Francisco's longest running Broken beat radio show, FutureBreaks.FM

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